Friday, August 12, 2011

today was my last day of work and although it was sad, i'm glad to have the rest of my summer to do whatever! they're the nicest gals i ever have met. we had pizza, they did my makeup, gave me makeup, gave me a vintage dress and vest and lots of treats like that. it was a very good last day. tonight we're all camping in my friends backyard, it should be super fun, i'm taking lots of pictures!
this dress was given to me by one of the aestheticians. it's her mother's and it's from the 40s. i am so thrilled and honored because it's the nicest/prettiest thing anyone has ever given to me. it's crazy beautiful.
vintage cross body pursie i got the other day!
osborn shoes i snagged for $20
finally got me a pair of these lookers haha. they're in navy and i really want brown and blackk
$3 sequin shirt....extremely proud moment.

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